An exceptional education for students who are ready to immerse themselves in a tuition experience of critical thinking, collaborative learning, innovation, leadership and academic excellence in Oxford.

Building on 50 years of experience, Greene’s Tutorial College has welcomed students from all over the world offering them the benefits of individual academic programmes - unique to each student and specific to meet each student’s needs and aspirations.

Greene’s Tutorial College has built its reputation on high-quality tuition for A levels, retakes, and university entrance. We are also an approved examination centre that welcomes private candidates.

Programmes of study include courses of science practicals that meet the requirement of the A level science practical endorsement; and university preparation courses for British (UCAS) and U.S. universities such as U.S. SAT I and SAT II tests.

Oxford’s Oldest Tutorial College

Greene’s is Oxford’s oldest tutorial college.  For 50 years, Greene’s has offered thousands of students the benefits of tailor-made courses, taught by carefully selected and trained tutors.  Students come to Greene’s for full-time study, supplementary tuition and short courses.  In all cases they find an educational environment with an emphasis on quality, independence and responsibility.

Why Greene’s?

Based in central Oxford, Greene’s is the ideal environment to develop your understanding of a subject, improve your grades and to nurture your learning skills.  At Greene’s you will develop the independence and skills for success at university.  We have considerable experience preparing students of all ages for school entry, success with GCSE and A level grades, British (UCAS) and U.S. university applications.  Offering innumerable subjects to our students, we excel at meeting the needs of the individual.

… we remember nothing so well when we are old, as those things which we learned when we were young.

Roger Ascham , (1515-1568), writer, scholar and tutor to the future Elizabeth I

Meet some of our tutors ...

Patrick – Mathematics

Patrick is Greene’s Head of Mathematics (the Senior Mathematician).  He is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he was awarded a master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics.  He also completed a post-graduate qualification in Mathematics Education at the Department of Education, University of Oxford.