An exceptional education for students who are ready to immerse themselves in an educational experience of critical thinking, collaborative learning, innovation, leadership and academic excellence in Oxford.

Building on 50 years of experience, Greene’s has welcomed students from all over the world offering them the benefits of individual academic programmes - unique and specific to their own needs and aspirations.

Full-time education:

At Greene’s you can:

- join our sixth form for full time A level study

- retake your A levels

- join – as an alternative to A levels – our Geoscience diploma course

- take the Greene’s foundation course to prepare for effective sixth form study.



If you are studying part-time, need extra support with your studies or help with university entrance Greene’s can help with high-quality supplementary or short course tuition.  We also specialise in UK and U.S. university preparation.


Examinations and tests:

Greene’s is an approved examination centre that welcomes private candidates – including for a number of A level coursework options and the A level science practical endorsement.

At Greene’s you can arrange to test your study progress by arranging trial examinations.

We also offer an examination proctoring service for students studying away from their university campus and completing online courses.


An international education

You can blend your full-time study at Greene’s seamlessly between our campus’ in Oxford (UK), Lisbon (Portugal) and Muscat (Oman).


Why Greene’s?

At Greene’s you are treated as a person.  We excel at meeting the needs of the individual.  We practice the tutorial method of learning so that you learn by doing, discussing, being challenged and learning to be independent.

Every student at Greene’s has a Personal Development Programme (PDP).

Students coming to Greene’s find an educational environment with an emphasis on quality, independence and responsibility.


Oxford’s oldest tutorial college

Greene’s is Oxford’s oldest tutorial college.  For 50 years, Greene’s has offered thousands of students the benefits of tailor-made courses, taught by worldclass tutors.

Education has for its object the formation of character.

Herbert Spencer, (1820-1903), biologist, philosopher and political thinker

Meet some of our tutors ...

Rowena – Sciences

Rowena is a chemist and after having received First Class Honours in Chemistry at the University of Oxford she went on to complete a PhD at the University of Birmingham on “Zeolites and other molecular sieves for chromate remediation”.  Rowena has been tutoring in Chemistry for the last 10 years and during that time was [...]