My Results Day Story

Ben, a former Greene’s, student, shares his story of receiving disappointing A level results last year and how he approached a second chance at A levels with Greene’s.

On Results Day in 2011, my A level results left me disappointed and without a plan. I came to Greene’s Tutorial College after hearing about their reputation for helping students like me with their A level retakes. After visiting the college and having a long talk with Carmen, the Director of Studies, I decided to try again and retake both my Mathematics and Physics A levels with the support of Greene’s.

In my first week at Greene’s, it was made clear to me that so long as I was prepared to put the effort in, it would be possible for me to substantially improve my grades. Greene’s set me up with one-to-one tuition in both Mathematics and Physics and I was taught by brilliant tutors named Patrick and Gerrard. I was also given weekly meetings with a Personal Tutor, Ina, who provided me with pastoral support and encouragement throughout the academic year. The one-to-one tuition worked very well for me, in both my subjects I was able to successfully work through the course content, not just thoroughly, but also quickly, leaving ample time for revising each topic. I ended up receiving four hours of tuition per week for each of my subject over a period of nine months. Of course, four hours of tuition would not have been enough on its own. Individual study was greatly encouraged from the very first day at Greene’s and this was made easier by the study room that Greene’s provides, which provided a quiet place to work without distraction. This and the fact that my tutors were regularly available to provide their support kept me focused and motivated over the months of studying.

By the time of January exams, I had been studying at Greene’s for just over three months. In this brief period, I was able to retake six AS modules in Mathematics and Physics. As I had been assured, my work and preparation beforehand had paid off – the results for these modules were even better than I had dared to hope. It was then time to begin working for the A2 modules. These are harder by nature, but once again I was supported brilliantly throughout the next 6 months to prepare for my summer exams.

Like thousands of other students right now, I’m waiting for my A2 results to come out in two days time. But on this occasion, I am waiting with confidence. Thanks to Greene’s, I know that I am now very disciplined and capable independent study and, as a result, my understanding of Mathematics and Physics has never been greater. I have several offers from great universities, which one I chose to go to will again depend on my results. But when I think about how I was feeling this time one year ago, I can only marvel at how far I have come.

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Posted on: August 14th, 2012 | Categories: Education