What do I do if my A level results are lower, or better, than expected?

Congratulations to all our students who have achieved the results they need to go on to the university they have chosen.

We hope you are pleased with your examination results, but we know that some students will not have received the results they hoped for. Each student has individual circumstances and our personal tutors will talk through options with the students they have supervised this year. However, there are some general guidelines on what you can do if your results today are different from those you had expected – please make sure you complement any general guidance with expert advice.

This is what one of our personal tutors, Naveed Barakzai, has to say.

Some options on results day

 If your grades are higher or lower than expected on results day, there are a number of options available to you which include:

 1. Adjustment

If your examination results are much better than expected and exceed the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you have the choice of using Adjustment.

Adjustment is a UCAS scheme which gives you a 5-day window in which you can register and apply for other courses whilst holding on to your confirmed place.  Visit the UCAS website for more information (www.ucas.com).

2. Clearing

If your results mean that you have been unsuccessful in gaining your firm and insurance choices, then you can search and apply for courses through Clearing.  In order to do this you must have your examination results (even though the clearing search goes live early) and your choices must be marked ‘unsuccessful’ on UCAS Track by both your firm and insurance institutions.

You will deal with the university directly when enquiring about places through Clearing which means you need to do your research about both the institution and the courses available.  Clearing is still a competitive process so you should treat your enquiries as if you are being interviewed by phone.

Clearing can be used by home, EU and International students.

3. Insurance offers and other options

If you fall short of meeting the conditions for your firm offer, but have the required grades for your insurance institution, then your insurance offer will automatically be accepted.

If you decide that you no longer wish to accept your insurance offer then you will need to withdraw from the UCAS application process altogether before you are able to make any applications through clearing.

In exceptional circumstances a university may not confirm a ‘firmly accepted’ offer and in this instance your insurance offer is uprated to the firm offer.

If you are only just short of an offer that you would like to take up then it is always worth calling the admissions office.  If the university has had fewer students than expected meet their offers then there may still be places available.  Be prepared, however, to spend some time trying to get through on the phone and also expect to be asked to confirm your results by way of official documents – this could mean you need to contact your examinations officer to send documentation on your behalf.’

Posted on: August 15th, 2013 | Categories: News