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Head of Examinations, Dr Agnieszka Balicka, writes

We are almost at the end of the summer examination cycle.  We hope that you will achieve your desired grades and enter into the next chapter of your life with a smile and confidence.

Those of you who sat CIE exams are most likely aware that results day is Thursday, 10th August this year.  This will be quickly followed by JCQ boards (AQA, OCR, Edexcel and WJEC) who release their results a week later (Thursday, 17th August) for A level results and two weeks later (Thursday, 24th August) for GCSE and IGCSE.  You will be able to access your results on each of these days through Greene’s Online.  You will also receive an e-mail from us with a pdf containing your results and a link to the post-results area of our website where you will also find an online application form.

To access your results through Greene’s Online just click on your ‘View exams and results’ button. If you have any questions about accessing Greene’s Online, please e-mail, or call us on 01865 664421.

Following the publication of examination results, exam boards offer a wide range of post-results services.  These services relate to enquiries about your results and access to your examination scripts.  This means that if you are unhappy about your exams results there are several options available to you.  There are some differences between exam boards but generally these options revolve around a review of the marking of your exam and/or getting a copy of your marked exam back for you to see.

It is crucial to remember that a review of your marked exam – commonly referred to as a re-mark – can lead to your result possibly going down as well as up, and that the vast majority of reviews produce no change or an insignificant alteration in the original result.  Therefore, it is prudent to be really honest with yourself and think about the possible consequences.  Ask yourself the following questions: “How did I really do?” “Were my answers really good enough to achieve my target grade?” “If my grade is just above the borderline, can I really afford the risk of a re-mark?”

If after answering these questions you deem it reasonable to ask for a review of your script, we are here to help.

Make sure that you are aware of the deadlines for the various post-results services available.  All these and our fees for services can be found at

To help you decide which post-results service might be suitable and is the most appropriate for you we have produced a useful information flowchart.



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