Geoscience open day at the University of Birmingham

Geoscience students at Greene’s accompanied by Dr Alex Mitlehner, attended an Open Day at the Faculty of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham.

The day included a tour of the faculty, including the award-winning Lapworth Museum of Geology (adjacent to the faculty) where they were able to handle valuable fossil and mineral specimens, including rare type specimens of trilobites and nuggets of native gold and platinum.

They also attended taster lectures as well as being given an overview of the degree structure and fieldwork opportunities available to Birmingham Geoscience students.

From next year, these will include fieldwork at a newly discovered fossil site in South Africa, as well as attending dinosaur digs in Utah, USA and volcanic processes fieldwork in Tenerife.

There were also some practical activities, including working out the bite strength of Stegosaurus, and they also used microfossil data

to work out the age of samples from oil wells which could contain oil or gas reservoirs.

The students gained a lot from the day and thanks are due to Dr Ian Boomer and Dr Sebastian Watt from th eUniversity of Birmingham for helping our students.

Posted on: March 5th, 2018 | Categories: Events, News, Science