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Greene’s Tutorial College, in the heart of Oxford, prepares students for excellence by using  teaching methods which future proof the education process.

When the Prime Minister said he wanted to “explore the value of one-to-one teaching, both  for pupils who are in danger of falling behind, and those who are of exceptional abilities”  during his keynote speech at last year’s virtual Conservative party conference, the tutorial  method of teaching suddenly became very fashionable.

Boris Johnson went on to say, “We can all see the difficulties, but I believe such intensive  teaching could be transformational, and of massive reassurance to parents.” – how right he  was.

Overnight, the tutorial method, where students are taught individually or in small groups of  two or three, developed by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge hit the headlines and  became a topic of conversation with students, parents, state and private schools alike.

Of course, there is nothing new in this academic approach, Greene’s Tutorial College, lo cated in the heart of Oxford, set amongst the cities famous colleges have taught the tutori al method for over 50 years have seen over 15,000 students pass through its doors during  that time.

Studying at Greene’s without a doubt is a meeting of like minds, they are an inspirational  college who embraces diversity, inclusivity and contributes to society in everything they do.

Central to Greene’s philosophy is the idea that students are best able to learn when they  can work and study collaboratively with a specialist in their subject. They seek to match  their students with experienced, highly qualified tutors to deliver a truly world-class educa tion.

It is through this tutorial system that Greene’s students can consolidate and challenge their  knowledge, develop their powers of independent critical thought and sharpen their analyti cal abilities in written and oral argument.

Spend a challenging and rewarding time with Greene’s whether it is full-time education for  A level and GCSE, tailored preparation for U.K or U.S university applications or short course and supplementary tuition – you will become, a different kind of student equipped  with leadership skills for life.

It is worth noting that, Greene’s student-centred approach has been highly praised by the  regulating body, the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate. Their latest report observes: ‘The  quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements, is excellent.’

The question many parents are asking, what are the best steps for our children embarking  on GCSEs and A-levels in 2021? How can choices be ‘future-proofed’, so money spent on  education, whether at school or university, actually has value? These are pressing questions, and Greene’s has shown itself to offer a way forward.

As Johnson suggested, one-to-one tuition could be used more widely to help pupils in danger  of falling behind as well as those who are excelling.

Posted on: January 28th, 2021 | Categories: News