A level Geology practicals

Our new Geology practical courses: There are two A level courses to chose from…

An A level year 1 practical course of six practicals as part of the practical endorsement required for the full Geology A level qualification.

An A level year 2 practical course consisting of a second set of six practicals to complete the practical endorsement required for the Geology A level qualification.

The year 1 and year 2 courses can be taken consecutively for those wishing to complete the practical endorsement in one year.

Field investigations are a compulsory part of the Practical Endorsement and at least two of the practical sessions will take place outside the laboratory and in the field.  These are currently planned for 27th March and 3rd April 2020 and will be longer sessions from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Field investigations are dependent on the weather conditions and dates/times are accordingly subject to change.

A level Geology practicals course tutor: Dr Alex Mitlehner

A level Geology practicals at Greene’s are taught and led by Dr Alex Mitlehner. He is a senior Geology and Geography tutor and keen scientific researcher – still actively publishing research and teaching on an Earth Sciences MSc course at the University of Birmingham.  Dr Mitlehner has an MSc and Ph.D from University College London and his specialities are micropalaeontology and climate change on different timescales.  He is a recognised expert in his field.

A level Geology practicals at Greene’s

Alex  describes A level Geology practical work in the following way:Geology A level and Geoscience diploma

Practical sessions in Geology are a wonderful way to allow you deepen your understanding of theoretical concepts covered in tutorials. There really is absolutely no substitute for observing rocks and other geological phenomena in the field, or to handle and analyse actual rock, mineral and fossil data.

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