A level Science practical endorsement and exams

Greene's offers science practical courses to obtain the A level practical endorsement for the AQA, Edexcel and OCR examination boards and to prepare for the CIE science practical exams in the following subjects:

With a Greene’s science practical course you get to:

  • meet the requirements of the A level science practical endorsement

  • prepare for the CIE science practical examinations

  • better understand your science subjects through practice

  • improve your grades

  • develop your laboratory skills for university and beyond

Our science practical courses for 2016-17:

Foundation practical course for Biology, Chemistry and Physics – A foundation course of five sessions starting on Friday, 16th September for Physics and Saturday, 17th September for Biology and Chemistry. This course is suitable for people who have little or no experience of working in a laboratory or who need a refresher on laboratory techniques and the correct and safe use of laboratory equipment and materials.  A course designed to help prepare the groundwork for the twelve assessed practicals required to achieve the A level practical endorsement.

The foundation course is strongly recommended for students who have not studied A level science before; and who need to pass their A level practical endorsement first time.

A level year 1/AS: Starter A level practical course for Biology, Chemistry and Physics – A course of six practicals as either part of the practical endorsement required for the A level qualification or to help prepare for the CIE AS qualification practical exams.  This course is run twice during the academic year. Once, on Fridays from 4th November for Physics; and on Saturdays from 5th November for Biology and Chemistry and then again on Fridays from 13th January for Physics and on Saturdays from 14th January for Biology and Chemistry.

A level year 2: Completer A level practical course for Biology, Chemistry and Physics – A second set of six practicals to complete the practical endorsement required for the A level qualification.  This course will be run on Fridays from 10th March for Physics, and on Saturdays from 11th March for Biology and Chemistry (with a break for Easter).

Microscopy practical course – A course specifically designed for students taking the CIE Biology A level that runs on Fridays from 13th January. The CIE Biology A level requires all students to be able to identify microscopic features and tissues from a range of plant and animal specimens.  The application of this knowledge is examined in paper 3 of the examination – comprising roughly 50% of the marks. This is normally compulsory for  students taking CIE Biology A level at Greene’s.

Chemical tests identification course – A course specifically designed for students taking the CIE Chemistry A level that runs on Fridays from 13th January. The CIE Chemistry A level requires all students to be proficient in the qualitative analysis for a comprehensive selection of cations and ions.  Practical application of these tests is examined in examination paper 3.  This course is normally compulsory for students taking CIE Chemistry A level examinations at Greene’s.

All the courses are taught, demonstrated and instructed by our experienced tutors who are skilled at guiding students through the science practical requirements for A level.  Our courses are suitable for anyone studying an A level science, in particular:

  • external candidates studying at home through distance learning organisations;
  • retake candidates looking to improve their grades and understanding of science in practice;
  • home-schooled students.

‘More than just an examination’

At its core, science is a discipline that observes, investigates and organises knowledge so it can be tested and explained.  Science therefore encompasses a range of uniquely practical subjects, requiring practical skills of experimentation and the close observation and understanding of variable data.  The study of science involves ‘seeing’ and ‘doing’, not only theorising and speculating.

At Greene’s we place emphasis on science practicals that are carefully designed to meet the requirements of your A level course and to improve your understanding of A level topics, as well improving your broader scientific knowledge.  We ensure that our practicals will be both engaging and relevant: helping achieve your A level grades; preparing you for science at university; stimulating your intellectual curiosity, and equipping you to explore the processes that shape our world.

So to quote our Senior Scientist, Dr Saif Bham,  A level science practical assessment is ‘more than just an exam … practical sessions enable the students to develop their ideas into workable investigations and to think critically about evidence. This is the essence of the scientific process’.

Most examination boards require students to complete a combination of assessed practicals, and written work.  By completing an A level science practical course with Greene’s, you will satisfy the requirements for the A level practical endorsement.  You will also have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in practical work, and to acquire transferable skills useful in your further study and beyond.

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We hope we answer most of your questions about A level science practicals at Greene’s on our FAQ page.  If you have any other queries, you are welcome to contact us using the form below.

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