Programme fees


In order to make these courses as accessible as possible, Greene’s and ASIBA have developed a special ASIBA only price.  This is available to all students of ASIBA affiliated schools as well as ASIBA affiliates and associates.

All programmes are also available on an individual basis and on a group basis.

ProgrammeFees on an individual basisFees on a group basis1Special ASIBA fees2
U.K. Aptitude Tests3€640 per person€240 per person€170 per person
U.S. Aptitude Tests4€1,230 per person€480 per person€340 per person
Bridging courseFees based on individual requirements5€1,030 per person€630 per person
Advanced Preparation Programme€550 per person for the first 5 hours6€380 per person for the first 5 hours7
Practice Interviews€290 per person per interviewN/A€100 per interview


1 Minimum six students

2 Minimum ten students – however, it may occasionally be possible to run a group with fewer than this

3 Any aptitude test required for a U.K. university, e.g. UCAT, BMAT, PAT, TSA, ECAA, NSAA, ENGAA, TMUA, …

4 Any aptitude test required for a U.S. university, e.g. SAT, ACT, …

5 This is usually best taken a series of tutorials, i.e. ongoing tuition

6 Additional hours are charged at €100 per hour

7 Minimum two, and a maximum of four students in a group


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