Updated arrangements

Because of the changing circumstances of the pandemic, it has not been possible to be certain about dates, times or method of delivery of our courses.  However, the situation is becoming a little clearer, and below is the latest information we are able to give you.  Should any of these details change, we will e-mail anyone who has registered for any of our courses, and update the information on these website pages.


Could you therefore please read these additional points carefully:

  1. We have extended the application deadline for our Greene’s and ASIBA courses to the 31st May.
  1. In order for us to process your application, you will need to be clear for which Greene’s course you are applying.  The courses are targetted at specific subjects or subject areas, and, in several cases, at specific universities.  If you are uncertain about your choices, we strongly recommend you speak with your school university adviser before making your application to us.
  1. The courses are aimed at students finishing their penultimate year at school (i.e Première), and who are planning to apply to university in the September or October of their final year (Terminale).  Our courses are also suitable for those in Terminale, who are planning to have a ‘gap’ year before entering university.  However, if you have not reached that stage, we can still help you.
  1. If you are in ‘Seconde’ or earlier, we are planning to offer pre-preparation courses to take you through the summer, so you should contact us as soon as possible.  Please use our application form for this purpose (completing as much information as possible), but make clear you would like a conversation with us. https://www.greenes-education.com/wpcms/forms/asiba_register/
  1. If you wish for additional advice on university choice or university courses, we are happy to offer this, however it is an additional service.  Because we do not know you or your circumstances, and in order to help you as much as possible, we would need one or more extended conversations with you, which will incur an additional fee.  We therefore recommend speaking to your school or college university adviser before attracting additional charges.
  1. The aptitude test preparation course dates and times are only relevant if you are just taking that course (and you do not wish to take a bridging course).  This is because, if you are also enrolling on a bridging course, aptitude test preparation will follow at the end of the bridging course programme.
  1. If you are opting for individual courses, we can organise a timetable for you, which fits with your other commitments.
  1. If we have received your application for one of our courses, we will already have acknowledged it.  If, however, you have applied and not heard from us, please contact us again by e-mail.  Applicants will then receive information about payment, and detailed arrangements about how to take part in the tutorials.
  1. Dates & Times

Aptitude test preparation courses (U.K. & U.S.)

Length of course: six hours

Fees: please see table

Location: currently online

Dates: Thursday 9th July, 2020 & Friday 10th July 2020.

Times: 9th & 10th July 10.00 a.m. (CEST) to 1.00 p.m. (CEST)

Bridging courses

Length of course: five days

Fees: please see table

Location: currently online

Dates: Monday 6th July, 2020 to Friday 10th July 2020.

Times: 6th, 7th & 8th July 10.00 a.m. (CEST) to 1.00 a.m. (CEST); 9th & 10th July 10.00 a.m. (CEST) to 4.00 p.m. (CEST)

Advanced preparation courses

Length of course: after consultation, we will arrange a minimum of five, hourly tutorials

Fees: please see table

Location: currently online

Dates: by arrangement; with very small classes, we will be as flexible as possible

Times: as with dates, we will discuss this with you

Practice interviews

These are arranged according to the application timetable and availability of the student.  We suggest candidates applying to universities should wait until we have met and assessed them before committing to interview practice.


If you have queries about the arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Ray.

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