Our university preparation webinars

We will be holding a Greene’s ASIBA university preparation webinar on January 21st 2021 starting at 7pm CEST.

Applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other competitive courses

An introduction to applying to competitive U.K. universities including Oxford, Cambridge and the Russell Group with Matthew Uffindell, Greene’s Senior Tutor, and Alex Gray, Master of Greene’s.

followed by

Bridging the gap: Physics, Natural Sciences & Engineering aptitude tests

at 8pm CEST


James Cathcart – President, ASIBA

James has taught History and Geography in the British Section of the Lycée International Saint Germain-en-Laye since 2002 and was appointed Director in 2010 and President of ASIBA in 2012. James has made a leading contribution to the development of the OIB qualification and works in close collaboration with the Education Nationale and Cambridge International Education on partnership issues, examination organisation and recognition. James is a graduate of University of Oxford, where he studied Modern History, and holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship.

Matthew Uffindell – Senior Tutor, Greene’s Tutorial College

Matthew has an M.A. in English Literature and Language and received a major exhibition and an English prize from University College, Oxford where he studied. Since leaving he has had wide experience in teaching and organising academic courses for students up to and including university level. An experienced tutor and university lecturer, he has taught a wide variety of subjects including the History of Language & Literature from Chaucer to the 20th century. As Senior Tutor of Greene’s Matthew has overall responsibility for the academic & educational quality and oversees all university preparation programmes.

Alex Gray – The Master, Greene’s Tutorial College

Alex read for a Masters in Mathematics at Magdalen College, the University of Oxford (where he was a scholar) before going on to undertake doctoral research in Mathematical Physics, specialising, in particular, in the geometry of space-times that locally resemble doughnuts (known mathematically as tori). He has taught and tutored extensively at sixth form, undergraduate and Masters level and was a college lecturer at the University of Oxford. A passionate believer in the unique advantages of the Oxford tutorial method, he still tutors for the College whenever his schedule permits.

Education has for its object the formation of character.

Herbert Spencer, (1820-1903), biologist, philosopher and political thinker