Benefits of Science Practicals

Whether you are study Biology, Chemistry or Physics, you will see substantial benefits from enrolling in our practical skills courses. 

Attending science practicals will help you by:

Deepening your understanding: you may find it difficult to learn science subjects purely from text-books and require the addition of practical work to provide context and bring your subject to life.  Activities such as completing a titration and then recording and analysing the results, or observing and measuring photosynthesis actually taking place will deepen both your understanding and enjoyment of your subject.

Reporting your progress: following each practical session you are given a comprehensive report that describes the skills you are being taught and an assessment of your progress in each skill. These reports allow you to build upon your existing skills and work towards an understanding that will enable you to achieve to your highest potential in the practical exams.

Providing evidence: practical coursework assessment is a vital part of all A level science courses, often contributing 20% of the marks carried by a course. Completing science practicals with Greene’s enables you to meet the assessment requirements of the examination boards corresponding to your subject.  The examination boards require evidence of: planning; implementing; analysing evidence and drawing conclusions; and evaluating evidence and procedures.  Our science practicals meet these requirements for all major U.K. examination boards.

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