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What to do with disappointing A level results?

Greene’s Academic Director, Christpher Upton, shares his advice for what to do if you’ve not achieved what you hoped for in your A level examinations. If you are like many others who have taken their A levels and results day did not give you the good news you hoped for – don’t panic!  While feeling [...]

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My Results Day Story

Ben, a former Greene’s, student, shares his story of receiving disappointing A level results last year and how he approached a second chance at A levels with Greene’s. On Results Day in 2011, my A level results left me disappointed and without a plan. I came to Greene’s Tutorial College after hearing about their reputation [...]

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5 Tips for Revising for Physics

Here are your weekly revision tips: this week is Carmen Marin-Ruano, our Physics Tutor and Science Practicals Examiner, on how to revise for any  Physics exam. 1. Never Forget the Unit Do you know the units and appropriate annotations for all your measurements? Memorising things like a Joule= J and a Coulomb= C means you [...]

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Top 5 Revision Tips for A Level English

Senior Tutor, Matthew Uffindell, gives his time-tested advice for revising for your A level English examinations. There are a number of useful tips for revising for English A level.  With many years as an examiner and helping students through the revision period, I have chosen five important pieces of advice to help you avoid the [...]

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The First 5 Tips for Revising Mathematics

This summer nearly 85,000 UK students will sit examinations in Mathematics for A level. As the examination season approaches, Greene’s Mathematics Co-ordinator, Patrick Finch-Noyes, shares his top five tips for preparing for C1 and C2 Mathematics examinations. 1. Minutes = Marks When sitting practice papers, and eventually in the real examination itself, this rule is [...]

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Learning maths: how practice makes perfect

Christopher Upton is the Academic Director of Greene’s Tutorial College. He is a graduate of University College, Oxford and received his M.Sc. in Economics at Reading University. Christopher has worked with the World Bank and the IMF and continues to tutor students in Mathematics at Greene’s. Numeracy is a vital skill in today’s world – [...]

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A levels and A level retakes

Changing Educational Paradigms

Carla Neuss is the Development Manager at Greene’s; she is graduate of UC Berkeley in English Literature and holds an MPhil from St Peter’s College, Oxford. Amidst the growing discussion on how the UK can lead the world in education standards, Sir Ken Robinson’s 2010 RSA lecture on the need for a change in our [...]

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