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Will the ‘new normal’ see a renaissance in education?

The Senior Tutor of Greene’s Tutorial College, Oxford, Matthew Uffindell, explains why he thinks, in the time of a pandemic, educationalists should be thinking of the opportunities being presented. History shows that pandemics force change – not least in education.  Look at the recent events: closed schools; the examination system in crisis; parents and children lacking direction.  [...]

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Geology A level and Geoscience diploma

New evidence of earliest life discovered

Researchers from University College London (UCL) have discovered fossil evidence for the earliest life forms yet found on Earth. Microscopic filaments of primitive bacteria recovered from a sequence of iron-rich sedimentary and volcanic deposits located in northern Quebec, Canada which push back the record of life on Earth to some 4.2 billion years ago, some [...]

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A levels and A level retakes with individual tuition

Pierre Larousse, knowledge and interactive learning

At Greene’s we espouse the tutorial method of learning because of the way in which knowledge is consolidated and critical thinking skills developed in discussion between student and tutor.  As the story of Pierre Larousse shows; that knowledge and understanding can be gained through an interactive and creative learning process has not always been the [...]

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Justice for the Pendle 10!

Senior Tutor, Matthew Uffindell, researches the story of the Pendle Witches – and the echoes of an extraordinary event which continue to reach us from the distant past. Pendle Hill, isolated from the main range of the Pennines, rises above the Ribble Valley in Lancashire.  In July and August of this year, this beautiful area [...]

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100 Years Later Stoker Lives On

100 years after Bram Stoker’s death, Carla Neuss explores the dozens of adaptations of  ’Dracula’ while trying to understand what made this narrative so unforgettable.   On April 20th, 1912, the Irishman who was known in his life time primarily as a successful business man and theatre manager, died of a stroke. But Bram Stoker [...]

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An International Easter at Greene’s

Senior Tutor, Matthew Uffindell, interviews the diverse staff at Greene’s to discover how Easter is celebrated in Poland, Norway, Italy, Spain, and the United States. Ask Greene’s staff about their images of the traditional Easter, and the answers are fascinating and varied.  They illustrate just how diverse we are behind those cultured English and American [...]

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Rowing for Glory: the University Boat Race

Former Greene’s Tuition Coordinator, Frankie Cowl, probes behind-the-scenes of one of Britain’s oldest and most competitive sporting rivalries. Frankie is a graduate of Keble College, Oxford, where she read English. On April 7th 2012 rowers from two of the world’s most prestigious universities will take to the Thames, oar in hand, to partake in a battle [...]

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International Women’s Day

March 8th each year marks International Women’s Day which has been observed in some form since 1909. The day itself grew out of the women’s suffrage movements that characterised the early twentieth century in both the UK and the United States. The women fighting for the right to vote, dubbed the ‘suffragettes’, used various methods [...]

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