Director of Studies, Oxford

Job title:Director of Studies, central Oxford, U.K.
Contract type:Fixed term
Start date:1st March 2019
End date:15th Feb 2019

Position description:

The Director of Studies helps students achieve and exceed their A level and university entrance academic objectives. He or she plays a key role in the development of a positive and successful learning culture that enables students to become engaged, effective & enthusiastic, independent learners.

This is primarily an academic management role – providing strong academic guidance for A level study and university entrance;  together with a responsibility for monitoring student academic progression and personal development.

General responsibilities:

  • Ensuring a high level of academic quality

  • Monitoring and ensuring student academic progress

  • Advising on and making student university applications

  • Managing a team of Personal Tutors and acting as a Personal Tutor for up to fifteen students

  • Managing and arranging for supervised study as required


Greene’s provides a personal, exceptional and demanding academic experience that liberates students from a one-size-fits-all curriculum.  All students have a personal academic plan, are taught using the tutorial method, join a leadership programme, have their own personal tutor and mentor and are expected and challenged to think.

Our commitment to the tutorial method of learning means that each student is taught individually or in small groups by tutors.  At Greene’s, development of the individual, pastoral care, leadership and learning go hand in hand.  Greene’s is non-selective, and enrols students with a broad range of backgrounds, previous educational experiences & interests.

Students achieve the academic results, skills, values and behaviours they need for success in higher education and their careers.

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