A level Biology practical courses at Greene's

There are five A level Biology practical courses to chose from.

An A level & AS foundation practical course of four sessions suitable for people who have little or no experience of working in a laboratory or who need a refresher on laboratory techniques and the correct and safe use of laboratory equipment and materials.  This is a course designed to help prepare the groundwork for the twelve assessed practicals required to achieve the A level practical endorsement.

The foundation course is strongly recommended for students who have not studied A level science before; who are unsure of their A level Biology practical skills; and who need to pass their A level practical endorsement first time.

An A level (year 1) and AS starter practical course of six practicals for either as part of the practical endorsement required for the full Biology A level qualification or to help prepare the Biology AS qualification CIE exam.

An A level (year 2) completer practical course consisting of a second set of six practicals to complete the practical endorsement required for the Biology A level qualification.

Intensive spring A level practical endorsement course – An alternative one week intensive course in Oxford if you are unable to come to Greene’s on a regular weekly basis.  Success on these intensive courses requires considerable pre-course preparation as well as a pre-course assessment.

CIE A level intensive practical exam preparation course – A one week intensive course in Oxford to help you prepare for the unit 3 CIE Biology A level science practical exam. The course cover topics and methods that are specific to the CIE exam board and which are required for success in the practical exam – such as microscopy which is a compulsory element of the exam.

The table below may help you select the right course(s):

Examination board:Experimental
ASA levelPractical
Foundation course
(A level and AS)
Starter course
(A level year 1 & AS)
Completer course
(A level year 2)
Intensive practical
endorsement course
Intensive CIE
preparation course

A level Biology practicals course tutor: Dr Saif Bham

A level Biology practicals at Greene’s are taught and led by Dr Saif Bham.  Saif has been running Biology  A level practicals at Greene’s for the last two years.  He is a passionate tutor and keen scientific researcher – even building his own artificial coral reef.  Saif has a B.Sc in Biochemistry from the University of Manchester and a D.Phil in Medical Oncology from University of Oxford.  One of his specialities is microscopy.

A level Biology practicals at Greene’s

Saif  describes A level Biology practicals in the following way:

Practical sessions in Biology allow you to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their real world applications.  It is a powerful method of reinforcing your understanding of the science, and facilitates the development of a wide range of practical skills which will undoubtedly be useful should you choose to pursue a science based course in higher education.

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