A level Physics practical courses at Greene's

There are four different A level Physics practical courses to chose from.

An A level & AS foundation practical course of four sessions suitable for people who have little or no experience of working in a laboratory or who need a refresher on laboratory techniques and the correct and safe use of laboratory equipment and materials.  This is a course designed to help prepare the groundwork for the twelve assessed practicals required to achieve the A level practical endorsement.

The foundation course is strongly recommended for students who have not studied A level science before; who are unsure of their A level Physics practical skills; and who need to pass their A level practical endorsement first time.

An A level (year 1) and AS starter practical course of six practicals for either to help prepare for the Physics AS qualification examinations or as part of the practical endorsement required for the full Physics A level qualification.

An A level (year 2) completer practical course consisting of a second set of six practicals to complete the practical endorsement required for the Physics A level qualification.

Intensive spring A level practical endorsement course – An alternative one week intensive course in Oxford if you are unable to come to Greene’s on a regular weekly basis.  Success on these intensive courses requires considerable pre-course preparation as well as a pre-course assessment.

CIE A level intensive practical exam preparation course – A one week intensive course in Oxford to help you prepare for the unit 3 CIE Physics A level science practical exam. The course cover topics and methods that are specific to the CIE exam board and which are required for success in the practical exam – such as the equipment use, data analysis and mathematical skills needed.

The table below may help you select the right course(s):

Examination board:Experimental
ASA levelPractical
Foundation course
(A level & AS)
Starter course
(A level year 1 & AS)
Completer course
(A level year 2)
Intensive practical
endorsement course
Intensive CIE
preparation course

A level physics practicals course tutor: Mr Julian Fox

Julian studied Engineering Science at the University of Oxford (Wadham College), from where he received a M.A., and where he also completed his PGCE in Physics.  He has worked for many years as a Physics teacher and tutor.
  He is particularly interested in practical Physics and has a small collection of vintage Physics apparatus.  He has also been involved in a display of timing mechanisms and enjoys the practicalities of using common objects to produce various devices – including a working model of a verge escapement, which involved the use of a tuna can.

A level Physics practicals at Greene’s

Julian’s own practical work serves to emphasise that the study of Physics, like all science, involves ‘seeing’ and ‘doing’, not only theorising and speculating:

Not only do the practicals provide a rigorous grounding for practical examination and practical skills, but they also allow students to explore in more detail the Physics theory they have covered on their course. This prepares them for university, by improving their understanding of the subject and providing them with a broad perspective.

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