University entrance aptitude tests

Application to your chosen university course may have additional entry requirements.

If you are applying to universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, and some other Russell Group universities, most U.S. universities or colleges, or to study Medicine or Veterinary science departments, you will be expected to sit at least one of a number of aptitude tests.

You are able to take your aptitude test at Greene's. To do so please use the online application below.

For some courses and universities you will need to complete entrance or aptitude tests as part of the admissions requirements. These are for top-ranked universities and/or to study medicine or veterinary science or law.

Entrance for most degree courses at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge in the UK requires high scores in aptitude tests. Students wishing to apply to Ivy League universities in the United States may well need to complete SAT II subject tests in addition to the SAT or ACT tests. In the UK and Australia, students wishing to study medicine will need to take clinical and/or medical aptitude tests.

Aptitude tests are designed to assess your potential and suitability for a place on a chosen course, giving the institution an idea of how you might cope with the work that you will encounter at university level. Much depends on your reasoning and analytical skills, rather than on your subject knowledge.

Greene’s offers individual tuition to help you gain a better understanding of whichever entrance or aptitude test you are required to sit. Often the best approach is determined self-study with a flexible level of support from Greene’s.

The format and requirements of each test varies, and our typical support will be structured over a number of tutorials, all aimed at covering different aspects of the test. You will receive homework exercises after each session, which your tutor will collect and return to you with feedback. For those looking to sit the ELAT or the HAT this homework may involve an intensive course of essay practice, while for those undertaking the BMAT it may be a case of attempting difficult calculations or answering ethical conundrums.

While most U.K. aptitude tests tend to be taken in the late autumn, U.S. aptitude tests, such as the SAT or the ACT, are available throughout the year, and Greene’s can offer tuition at any time to suit your needs.