Examination Fees 2020-21

Greene’s examination fees include the costs of administration of your examination arrangements, invigilation, examination premises and centre-supplied examination materials. They do not include exam board fees which can vary between exam boards and different subjects. You should budget approximately £15 to £30 per exam paper for the most common subjects. We will send you a quotation and invoice which will show the total amount payable and breakdown between our fees and the exam board fees. You are under no obligation to accept our fee proposal.

However, please note and as stated in our terms and conditions, that once our fee offer has been accepted and paid all examination fees are non-refundable.

We can also help you with post-results services, but at an additional cost as detailed below.

Examination certificates must either be collected in person or sent by post using a stamped and addressed envelope provided by you at the time of the examination.

All examinations and tests:

Public exam candidate fee (1st September - 31st August)£75 per year

GCSEs, IGCSEs, A levels, Pre-U & STEP:

All examinations (unless otherwise specified below)£75 per paper plus exam board fees
GCSE/IGCSE English and Mathematics qualifications£60 per paper plus exam board fees
Cash-in1£25 per subject

1 To be awarded a final overall grade and to be issued a certificate for modular examinations, such as the remaining legacy A levels, it may be necessary that your exam results are cashed-in. This is normally done in the same examination session in which you finish your course of study.

Aptitude Tests and Common Entrance:

BMAT£75 per test
TMUA£70 per test
Other aptitude tests (TSA, PAT, ELAT, etc.)£30 per test
Common Entrance£65 per test

Additional and Supplementary Fees:

Speaking test (oral exam) supplement£120 per test
"Hosted" speaking test (oral exam) supplement1£175 per test
Speaking test (oral exam) Independent Research Project supervision2£220 per test
Coursework administration fee£60 per unit
Coursework marking fee£100 per unit
Coursework authentication fee£60 per unit
Coursework supervision fee£365 per unit (minimum)
Science practical & test supervision fee£175 per test & lab session
ICT practical examination£250 per examination
Special access arrangements administration fee (e.g. for extra time)£105 per candidate
Separate room and individual invigilator fee£35 per hour
Laptop hire£10 per hour
Reader/scribe£15 per hour

1 A "hosted" speaking test can be provided where you are entered for your examinations at another centre, but do not have access to an examiner for your target language's oral exam at that centre. In this instance, Greene's will liaise with your entering centre so that you are able to complete all parts of the exam.
2 Please check whether or not your exam specification requires this.

Trial (mock) Exam Fees:

Trial exam candidate fee (1st September - 31st August)£75 per year
Invigilated at Greene's on a set trial exam day£85 per trial exam
Invigilated at Greene's on a day of choice that is not a set trial exam day£105 per trial exam
Self-invigilated (at home)£50 per trial exam

Exam preparation – tuition and trial exam packages (per subject):

Most popular
Set-up fee
Tuition (per subject)
Five hours at £75 per hour
10 hours at £70 per hour
20 hours at £65 per hour
35 hours at £55 per hour
Trial exam candidate fee
Five self-invigilated trial exams
£50 per paper
£45 per paper
£40 per paper
£40 per paper
Attendance and summary progress reports
Package price (additional tuition and/or trial exams can be added at package price rate)
You save:

Late Fees:

Late entry fees, very late entry fees and extremely late entry fees are charged on all examination entry requests received but unpaid and/or coursework not submitted after the Greene’s internal deadlines. Please see the key dates page for a list of entry deadlines.

Late entry fee (after internal deadline)£50 per unit
Coursework late submission fee (up to one week after internal deadline)£100 per unit
Very late entry fee (more than one month after internal deadline)£100 per unit
Coursework very late entry and/or submission fee (more than one week after internal deadline)Cannot be accepted
Extremely late entry fee (more than two months after internal deadline) provided exam board entry is still possible£150 per unit

Post Results Fees:

JCQ Boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC) for A levels, EPQ & AEA:

Priority remark£180.00 per script22nd August
Priority remark with copy of script£225.00 per script
Priority photocopy of script£45.00 per script
Clerical check that procedures have been followed (not a remark)£49.00 per script19th September
Clerical check with copy of script£98.50 per script
Standard remark£150.00 per script
Standard remark with copy of script£190.00 per script
Original script or photocopy£38.00 per script
Photocopy of script following other post-results service£40.00 per script
Review of coursework moderation (marking)£500.00 per script

CIE (Cambridge International Examinations): AS and A level and Pre-U qualifications

Priority re-mark & clerical check£190.00 per script22nd August
Priority re-mark, clerical check & copy of script£240.00 per script
Priority return of original script£60.00 per script
Clerical check that procedures have been followed (not a remark)£65.00 per script19th September
Clerical check with copy of script£120.00 per script
Standard remark & clerical check£150.00 per script
Remark, clerical check with copy of script£220.00 per script
Review of coursework moderation (marking)£500.00 per script
Return of original script£46.00 per script10th October

For further information, or for fees relating to exams not listed above, please contact the Exams Officer please contact the Exams Officer by completing the form below.

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