Proctoring services

Greene's offers reliable and secure proctoring services both at its Oxford location and a number of other locations world-wide. Times and dates can be adjusted to suit indvidual requirements.

"The experience was really great. I was confident after the very first interaction with Hannah that everything would go smoothly for our student, who needed (because of an emergency situation) to take her exams overseas. All communications were prompt and professional. And we received the exams back promptly and safely." Wendy, Western University, Canada.

Secure, reliable and supervised exams, tests and assessments…

An increasing number of students are studying away from their university campus and completing online courses. For this reason a growing number of universities, other higher education institutions and distance learning organisations need to find a reliable, secure and efficient way for their students to take supervised exams, tests and other assessments at convenient locations and at convenient times. These organisations also require their students to take their exams, tests and assessments under supervised conditions – called proctored exams.

Greene’s has operated as an authorised and independent centre for examinations for 50 years for both Greene’s students and private candidates from all over the world. We have worked with independent testing organisations, public examination bodies and a number of higher education institutions.

Experienced and trained invigilators ensure that exam and testing rules are followed and academic integrity and ethical standards maintained. Candidate identities are rigorously checked. Invigilators also ensure the well-being of candidates and security of exams papers.

We recognise that each proctored exam is different and so we also ensure that any specific institutional guidelines or instructions are prepared for and followed.

At all our centres exam sessions are small and the service individual. At Greene’s every candidate has their own particular needs that we strive to meet. Exams sessions are held in a calm and quiet environment.

For example, at our premises in central Oxford, exams and other tests take place in small rooms that accommodate between four and twelve candidates each. The exam experience at Greene’s is significantly different to that at any other UK college or school - sessions are small and our service personal.

We provide proctoring services either directly for institutions or for individual students on behalf of the institution where they are studying.

Proctored exams and tests can take place at our premises in central Oxford (U.K.); and in our college in Portugal (Estoril).

Unfortunately, we cannot offer proctored exams at weekends or on U.K. public holidays for exams in Oxford or on Portuguese public holidays for exams in Estoril.

How does the Greene’s proctoring service work?

For institutions: Institutions wishing to arrange one or more proctored tests should contact the Exams Officer at:

Institutional discounts on individual candidate fees are available depending on advance booking, student numbers, length of each test and number of different tests booked. Please contact us for further details.

For individuals: Please complete the online application form below to make a proctoring request. Put in your request as early as possible and no later than two weeks before your preferred test day to avoid additional charges.

Whether or not we can accept your request may depend on the amount of time your institution needs to prepare and send test papers and instructions.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card or bank transfer. We cannot accept payment by cheque or cash.

Remember – you must bring two pieces of identification with you on the day of the test – at least one of which must have an easily recognisable and recent photograph of yourself.

The proctoring fees for individual candidates are:

Administration fee per testSupervision fee per hour of test (rounded up)
During the months of October, November, January, May & June and only on weekdays (Monday to Friday) excluding public holidays
Standard service (with one week or more of notice)£45£20
Express service (with less than one week but more than 24 hours of notice)£65£30
Other times - outside the months of October, November, January, May & June and only on weekdays (Monday to Friday) excluding public holidays
Standard service (with one week or more of notice)£65£30
Express service (with less than one week but more than 24 hours of notice)£95£50

Individual candidates, please note that the fee per test hour is always rounded up – i.e. the hourly test fee for a test lasting two hours and 15 minutes is the same as for a test lasting two hours and 50 minutes.