This just to let you know that Axel scored a 7 of 7 in his Maths exam, which, given his 2 of 7 start, is a powerful testament to the skill of his tutor (in addition to Axel’s abilities to learn of course). If anyone should ask for a reference on him or Greene’s, I am happy to oblige.
Greene’s came highly recommended by friends of ours and exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. From the bottom tier to best possible grade in Maths in two months is simply outstanding work by the tutor.

Greene’s offers discounted tuition fee packages if you are looking to pre-book a number of hours of tuition over the academic year. These can be combined with discounted trial exam fees. Trial exams – taken formally – are possibly the best way of making sure you are on track for your target grade.

There are two tuition options at Greene’s:

  • Supplementary tuition at regular intervals throughout the year; and
  • Short course tuition for intensive revision or learning at specific times – such as, during school holidays and half-terms (including Easter revision) or to prepare for a university aptitude test.

Whichever option you choose, individual tuition allows for a completely personal and flexible course to concentrate on your particular requirements.

Both tuition options can consist of face-to-face or “online” tutorials. An increasing number of our students opt for a mix of face-to-face tuition with some online tutorials. We also have students from all over the world who have derived great benefit from courses of exclusively online tuition.

You can start a course of tuition with a few face-to-face tutorials to build up a rapport with your tutor and an understanding of what is expected from the tutorials. Once this is in place online tutorials can be very effective.

With online tuition, the simple fact of not having to travel to a tutorial can save considerable time and can make the arrangements required for your tuition more flexible.

Tuition arrangements:

Quicklinks_3-35.jpg Greene’s subject tutors are selected to suit your particular requirements and style of learning. After each tutorial your tutors will complete a short online report commenting your progress, attendance and punctuality.

We generally need five to ten working days to set up a course of tuition depending on tutor availability. If we do not have a tutor available or are having difficulty contacting our preferred tutor we will let you know as soon as possible.

Most tutors are happy to work early evenings as well as during the day. Tutors with busy daytime schedules may even prefer early evenings. Some tutors will also work at weekends. Making sure that we have a clear picture of your tuition preferences as to days and times when it would be most convenient to have tutorials is of considerable help when discussing arrangements with our tutors.

Tutors will try and be as flexible as possible with regard to the timing of your tutorials but they also get very busy which can sometimes make it difficult to finalise a tuition timetable with you.

Most tuition takes place at Greene’s or at premises arranged directly by the tutor and approved by Greene’s. The tutor’s teaching premises are usually in central Oxford, have been approved by Greene’s and are often at a university department or college. If you require your tutorials to take place in the early evening, at weekends or public holidays when Greene’s is closed, then they will most likely need to take place at the tutor’s premises.

Some tutors can travel to your home for tutorials but they may ask for additional fees to compensate them for their travel time. Please also be aware that most tutors do not have their own transport and find it very difficult to access locations outside the Oxford ringroad.

If travelling into Oxford for a tutorial is difficult for you please consider the option of having some or all of your tutorials online.