Online tuition

For 50 years, Greene’s has selected the best tutors in Oxford.

All Greene’s tutorials are available online at our normal tuition rates. Online tuition gives you access to all our resources and tutors without having to leave your home. Online tuition can also be used to supplement face-to-face tuition.

Online tuition can be very effective – especially if mixed with one or two face-to-face tutorials to build rapport with your tutor. The arrangements for online tutorials are generally easier and more flexible as neither you nor your tutor has to travel. Online tutorials can also be shorter – sometimes a little and often interspersed with independent study is a more effective learning strategy. Shorter tutorials may also allow you to spread the cost of tuition more evenly.

Online tuition arrangements and practice has a number of characteristics…

  • Matching: we carefully match you with the most suitable tutors – taking into account your subject, specific academic needs, future goals, and personality. If we do not feel that we have a suitable tutor available, we will let you know quickly and not recommend a course of tuition.

  • Individual attention: all online tuition at Greene’s is individual, enabling your tutor to focus on your specific needs.

  • **Efficiency: **travel time for both you and your tutor is eliminated. This opens up new possibilities – the length of tutorials can often easily be varied to suit your needs.

Combine online tuition with face-to-face tutorials

You can start a course of tuition with a few face-to-face tutorials with your tutor in order to build up a rapport and an understanding of what is expected from the tutorials. Once this is in place online tutorials can be very effective.

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