A typical online tutorial

Preparation is needed for a successful online tutorial.  Before the tutorial any homework assignments should be scanned and sent to the tutor; and you should have had a short e-mail exchange with your tutor determining the main points to be covered and any particular concerns that you would like to have addressed during the tutorial.

A typical online tutorial may well begin with you and your tutor looking at any homework that you have completed beforehand.  Especially for an online tutorial, homework is submitted to the tutor via e-mail as an attached document that has usually been scanned. There will usually be a discussion about the submitted homework, and an opportunity to address any challenges or problems that may come up.  Your tutor may then set a short test, either using pre-prepared documents that have been sent to you earlier or through a live, online interactive process – such as an online whiteboard.  During the tutorial your tutor may also wish to see the notes you have been taking from the reading that you have been assigned, and this can easily be achieved by using an internet-based, document sharing facility, such as Google Docs.

In the second half of the online tutorial, the tutor may examine in depth an essay or set of questions that you have written, probing your knowledge and understanding, discussing techniques and essay-writing skills, as well as touching on revision or examination strategies.  Your tutor may also make use of various online tools to enhance your learning, such as a shared PowerPoint slide show or a video clip.

Tutorials conclude with the tutor assigning the homework and discussing plans for the following tutorial.  A record of the homework that has been set, along with comments on your progress, will be recorded by your tutor in the form of a report, or ‘slip’ on Greene’s Online.  Through accessing your student profile on Greene’s Online you can keep track of homework assignments and scheduled tutorials, as well as studying your tutor’s observations on your progress.

In reality, every tutorial will be different as it will be focused on your specific needs which themselves will change from tutorial to tutorial.  The structure of the tutorial will also depend on whether you are studying a science or an arts subject, as well as on your own study objectives.  As with a face-to-face tutorial, you should expect to complete approximately three hours of homework for every hour of tuition.  Greene’s Index of Independence allows us to monitor your independent learning, and to ensure that you are not struggling with independent study.

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