Laura was in need of tuition for her AS exams in Economics, Biology, and Mathematics.  Since she was based in Brussels, Greene’s arranged a programme of tuition for her using online tuition.  After 16 hours of tuition online, Laura sat her AS exams with great success.

Dear Greene’s,

I just wanted to e-mail you to say a huge thank you to you for all of the help you provided me with this year.  As a result, I achieved A grades in both economics and maths.  My economics grades were 86/100 for unit 1 and 91/100 for unit 2, with my unit 2 essay achieving full marks. In maths C1 I have 93/100, with 85/100 for C2.

So thank you for everything, I could not have done it with out you!

Best wishes,




Gabriel came to Greene’s needing to prepare for and sit his A levels in Philosophy, History, and Italian.  As he was travelling between Switzerland and England for most of the year, Greene’s arranged a course of tuition that combined face-to-face tutorials with online tuition.  After his course of online tuition, Gabriel sat his exams with great success and is now preparing to apply to university in Australia.

Dear Greene’s,

I would just like to say that our experience with Greene’s has been very positive indeed, both in terms of tuition and exams, and I would recommend you to anyone in a position like ours.

Best regards,

Gabriel & Helen (Gabriel’s mother)



Nicole needed a summer course of revision for AS Physics and Mathematics.  Although she was based near Oxford, she chose online tuition for the increased flexibility and accessibility.  She received a total of 16 hours of tuition during the summer months, allowing her to have time for her other summer plans simultaneously.

“I found online tutoring at Greene’s very effective – I actually found that I preferred it to face-to-face tuition and that it fit my learning style perfectly!” – Nicole

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