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Whatever your academic results, interviews are often an essential part of the admissions process when applying to competitive programmes of study.  Institutions want to see whether you are the kind of person who will benefit from, and contribute to their particular community.  So whether applying for a secondary school, college or university, the interview often remains one important aspect of the selection process.  Greene’s practice interviews cover all age groups, and we offer interview practice for whatever level or educational stage you wish to achieve.  They concentrate on the kind of interview you are likely to experience, whether it be exploring your academic interests, finding out more about your personality, your commitment to the course, determining your attitudes to academic study or how you might balance your work with extra-curricular activities.

Should you decide to apply to U.K. universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, or to universities offering professional vocational courses such as Medicine or Veterinary science, you should expect to be called to an interview before being given an offer of a place.  These interviews are designed to allow the institutions to choose the candidates that best fit their programme, and those who are most likely to flourish in the kind of academic environment they will encounter at university.  Interviewers for courses leading to a professional qualification may also have a mind as to whether the candidate will suit the particular career for which the course is preparing them; having good, or even excellent, school-leaving qualifications may not be sufficient.  An interview helps the university to decide, and you need to be able to perform to the utmost of your ability.

At Greene’s we offer subject-specific interview practice, designed to suit your particular needs, to enable you to play to your strengths, or to develop those skills which experience tells us the interviewers will be looking for.  We recognise what a daunting prospect it can be to walk in to an interview room not knowing what to expect, so we aim to offer the most comprehensive interview practice possible.  All interviewers at Greene’s are experts in their subject, as well as being well-versed in the school and university admissions process – many have been part of an interview panel themselves, or have undergone the kind of rigorous admissions selection you will be facing.  They are therefore able to provide detailed feedback on your performance, as well as offering concrete suggestions for improvement or refinement of your interview technique.

It is important to remember that we do not predict or replicate what will take place in the interview room, nor do we train students to reproduce answers or pretend to an ability or skill where none exists; our aim is to give you the chance to encounter the close analytical questioning and respond to questions about inference and logic which you may not have encountered before, and which can be intimidating when in a room with unfamiliar faces.  Most academic interviews will tend not to be about facts, but about the way you respond to those facts, and are designed to challenge the way you think.  Depending on the likely format of the actual interview itself, your practice interview may also require you to write an essay, or to prepare a short passage, which will form part of the focus of discussion in the interview.  We want to help you to build confidence in your abilities to tackle difficult problems under pressure, so that you are fully prepared when you finally step into the interview room.

Our interview practice courses are flexible and fully adaptable to your requirements; there is no fixed number of sessions, and you can wait for feedback before deciding whether you would like to arrange further practice interviews.  The feedback you receive is perhaps the most important aspect of the course, helping you to improve your performance in advance of the real interview.  Our interviewers are happy to provide verbal feedback and advice immediately following the interview, as well as a lengthy written online tutorial report.  We may provide you with advice on a variety of aspects of the interview, from body language to recommended reading.  We hope that upon completing your interview practice that you will feel confident to undertake the experience with relative ease.

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