U.K. University preparation

"I’ve received an offer from Sussex and Nottingham! Thank you for all your help with my personal statement." - Emily, Greene’s UCAS student

Every year, we support many applications to U.K. universities through UCAS. Over the summer break – at the end of your first year of A level study – you should aim to complete most of the additional work that is needed for your university application. Each university application will be different and needs careful thought and preparation.

By completing all the preparatory work for your university application over the summer break you are then ready to concentrate on your studies when you return in September and to obtain the grades you need.

Fundamentals of Greene’s UCAS application support:

**Choosing the right course: **There are over 300 institutions of higher education in the U.K., which together offer over 50,000 different courses. It is therefore important that you research carefully the options available to you. We will help you find courses that match your interests, career aspirations and talents whilst realistically taking into account your academic history and predicted grades.

Deciding where to study: There are many universities and colleges to choose from and Greene’s will help you make informed choices that meet your academic and personal requirements. All our students are kept informed about where to research for specific help relating to their chosen courses and interests: pre-university courses, ‘taster days’, presentations, and Open Days. We encourage you to visit universities in your own time at weekends, half terms and holidays.

**Admissions tests: **Some universities require students to pass an admissions test – often called aptitude tests – when applying for courses in certain subjects, in addition to A level or I.B. qualifications. We will ensure that you are guided throughout this process and are fully acquainted with the requirements of the tests.

**Presentation of material: **We will support you in completing your application and help you to present material, such as Personal Statements, enabling you to make the most of your achievements and cast yourself in the best light.

**References: **If you choose to submit your university application through Greene’s, we will endeavour to ensure that you have the fairest and most comprehensive reference possible. We will liaise with your teachers (past or present), current Greene’s tutors where relevant, employers and other individuals or organisations as appropriate. Your Director of Studies will assemble and moderate the various reports and comments, and the College Principal will then sign the reference. If you prefer that your previous school or college provides your reference, we will give every assistance to ensure that your academic progress with us has been fairly reported.

**Interview preparation: **Should you decide to apply to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, or to universities offering professional vocational courses such as Medicine or Veterinary science, you should expect to be called to a selection interview before being given an offer of a place. Practice interviews are opportunities to provide suggestions for improvement or refinement of your interview technique. Most academic interviews will tend not to be about facts, but about the way you respond to those facts, and are designed to challenge the way you think. Depending on the likely format of the actual interview itself, your practice interview may also require you to write an essay, or to prepare a short passage, which will form part of the focus of discussion in the interview. We provide you with advice on a variety of aspects of the interview, from body language to recommended reading.