U.S. University preparation

Each year students from all over the world choose to study for their undergraduate degree at a U.S. university or college. With more contact hours, wider course options, and an application process which encourages the well-rounded candidate with wide interests, many students are increasingly drawn to the American higher education system – which includes many of the world’s top-ranking universities.

How Greene’s can help

We know that for students with no knowledge of the American application system, the process can be daunting. Our advisors, with specialist knowledge of U.S. universities, will guide you through the process of understanding and planning every aspect of your application.

SAT I (Reasoning Test) preparation

80% of U.S. universities require the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Most non-U.S. students will have never experienced an examination of this length or breadth. Preparation is essential to ensure you perform as well as you possibly can on this part of your application.

SAT II (Subject Test) preparation

Required by only the most competitive universities in the U.S., SAT IIs are subject-based tests that are similar to A levels in their content but differ greatly in terms of format. For the most competitive applicants, SAT II preparation is critical for ensuring your knowledge is reflected in your test scores.

U.S. college counselling

From choosing universities to filling out the Common Application, Greene’s tutors facilitate your research and prompt you to ask the questions which will take you through the steps to present yourself as a competitive candidate to the American universities of your choice.