U.S. college counselling

Greene’s individual college counselling courses for U.S. university entrance are designed to guide you through the entire U.S. university application process, from initial research to filing your application.  The U.S. university application process often takes several months and requires careful and thorough advanced planning.

If you need comprehensive support we recommend advice which covers all of the topics listed below.  If you already have a good understanding of how the application process works, or need targeted help with particular parts of the application process, five to six hours of targeted advice is generally sufficient.

Topics covered by U.S. college counselling

- Making a short-list of U.S. universities
- Indicating a potential ‘Major’
- Registering for the correct SAT I dates
- Choosing the right SAT II examinations
- Registering with the Common Application
- Completing Common Application form
- Building a personal transcript
- Reviewing what is required from your school
- Advising on essay-writing strategy
- Completing the international forms
- Choosing referees and references
- Writing university-specific supplements
- Editing the Personal Statement
- Receiving and accepting offers
- Submitting individual applications

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