U.S. SAT II (subject test) preparation

The SAT IIs are subject tests which correspond to A levels in the depth of knowledge required. However, there are fewer subjects from which to chose and all the tests are multiple-choice questions. You are advised to sit three SAT II subject tests in order to send your top two marks to the universities you are applying to. Revising for subject tests requires you to review specific subject material as well as practising key strategies and techniques that are particular to the format of the SAT IIs.

We find that students at Greene’s often perform best in the following SAT II subjects as they relate most closely to subjects commonly taken at A level:

  • Literature
  • Mathematics Level 1
  • Mathematics Level 2
  • Biology Ecological (Biology E)
  • Biology Molecular (Biology M)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Greene’s offers flexible courses of individual tuition to help with SAT II test preparation.

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