Sports Scholarships in the U.S.

Sport is a key part of the fabric of American university culture and is supported by fellow students, alumni and fans across the country – with tens of thousands of supporters attending even minority events.  Many student athletes in the U.K. are therefore drawn to studying at university in the U.S. to benefit from the wide range of sports scholarships and the excellent provision for sport on U.S. university campuses.  Successful applicants not only benefit from significant financial support but are also able to practise their sport at competitive levels, using excellent facilities and having access to world-class professional coaches.

However, obtaining a sports scholarship can be a daunting task given the choice available and the need to prepare a comprehensive portfolio.  In order to help with the process, Greene’s works in partnership with a number of specialist sports’ scholarship organisations.  Working together with such organisations, Greene’s is able to advise on, and prepare, your application.

The choice of sports on offer is wide and varied, such as rowing, cross-country, lacrosse, soccer, swimming and even bowling.  There are many opportunities available to those with a passion for their sport and a proven track record of sporting achievement.  Sporting Elite USA is able to advise on the opportunities that may be available in particular sports and at different levels of competition.  In the U.S. by law, financial provision must be spread equally between men’s and women’s sports, so there are often good opportunities available and the all-round athlete may be able to compete in an associated sport or event.

College and university sport in the U.S. is regulated by three sports bodies: the NCAA (the National Collegiate Athletic Association), the NAIA (the National Association of Inter-Collegiate Athletics) and the NJCAA (the National Junior College Athletic Association).  Depending on the sport, each organisation may be further divided into three divisions: Division I, Division II and Division III.

A sports scholarship may often cover the full cost of practising the sport, and include academic tuition fees and living expenses (room and board), amounting to between US$ 40,000 and US$ 60,000 per year.

Students planning to apply to university at a U.S. university will need to take the SAT I (the Reasoning Test) or the ACT, possibly also SAT IIs (subject tests) and must complete their school education up to the end of sixth form.  Typically in the U.K. this means obtaining three or more A levels. Greene’s offers flexible courses in U.S. admissions’ tests and A level studies, so your academic work can be planned around demanding sports training programmes.

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