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We welcome applications from students of all ages and ability and will take great care in developing an individual programme of study that fits with what you require.  Our long-term students, for whom we are the sole providers of professional educational guidance, receive individual advice, a combination of individual tuition and group work and academic support.

For example, if you wish to study Medicine at university, your full-time A level course might consist of two or three hours of individual tuition in each of your subjects; science practical work in groups; attendance at a Mathematics seminar; and advice from a full-time member of the Greene’s staff, such as one of our Directors of Studies, who will help you with arranging work experience and planning the other requirements for medical school entry such as the UKCAT and BMAT tests.

Alternatively, you might be at school and need regular additional support with your Mathematics A level.  Your programme could consist of occasional individual tutorials to review concepts you find difficult, and guided independent study designed to help you practise specific areas.

You might just need an examinations centre where to take your examinations.

There are indeed an almost infinite number of ways in which we are able to design a course of study for you.  Please contact us; come and see us, to talk to an academic adviser to start the process of putting together your own personal education programme.

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