Greene’s Index of Independence

One of our priorities is to equip you with the independent study skills that you will need at university and in the workplace. To measure your level of independent study we have developed an Index of Independence (IOI) that allows you to see and track your performance as an independent learner.

The IOI is calculated from the information provided in your tutorial reports and takes into account the relationship between the amount of independent study you have completed and the number of hours of tuition you have taken. Based on our past students’ A level results and their recorded IOI averages, we have created an index that predicts A level results and which we can use as a guide to track student progress.

From our experience, and looking at historical data, you should be aiming for an IOI of three. Indeed, with an IOI of below one our data indicates that you are very unlikely to obtain a place at your university of first-choice.

You can access your IOI score at any time via your login to Greene’s Online.

IOI Data 2010-2012

IOI (Index of Independence) Number of students Students obtaining their first choice university (%) Average tutorial hours per subject Students with all A level grades at A* - C (%)
> 2.0 12 10 (83%) 44 10 (83%)
1.5 - 2.00 14 14 (100%) 58 11 (79%)
1.0 - 1.49 12 9 (75%) 69 8 (67%)
< 1.0 7 1 (14%) 85 2 (29%)


  1. An IOI of less than 1.0 severely reduces your changes of getting good A level grades and getting a place at your first choice university.
  2. An IOI of greater than 1.5 gives you a good chance of obtaining good A level grades and in obtaining a place at your first choice university.
  3. There is no correlation between the number of hours of tuition you have per subject and your chances of obtaining either good A level grades or obtaining a place at your first choice university. Indeed there is an inverse correlation between obtaining good results and substituting additional tutorial hours for independent study.