Head of Student Recruitment – Dr. Agnieszka Balicka

Agnieszka is one of the senior management team and, as a Head of Student Recruitment she is responsible for directing and leading an overall student recruitment strategy and its development. A part of her role is also overseeing and setting out a direction of marketing for the college.

Following her MA studies in Political Science and LLM in International Law she completed her PhD at Oxford Brookes University where she also worked as a lecturer. Her thesis, “Changes in International Law in response to terrorist attacks. A comparative study of Israeli and the U.S. state practice” was a combined study of International Law and International Relations. It was a culmination of her long interests in Middle East politics and international conflict and its aim was to contribute to the understanding of nature, status and determinants of international law in the aftermath of 9/11. She is a very experienced tutor, who taught Politics, International Relations and Law.

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