Executive Chairman – Christopher Upton

As the Executive Chairman of Greene’s, Christopher has responsibility for the College’s strategic partnerships. He is also the Chairman of the College’s Board of Governors.

Christopher is a graduate of University College, Oxford.  He gained an M.A. in Agriculture and Forest Sciences and an M.Sc. from Reading University in Agricultural Economics.  His passion for education and the environment has taken him throughout the world, working extensively for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on rainforest protection in the Congo basin.  His publication, The Forest Certification Handbook (Earthscan, 1995) has become the standard text for forest managers wishing to implement a sustainable forest management system.  Christopher is also an authority on ‘the Southern Beech’ (Nothafagus sp.) on which he has published papers for the University of Aberdeen and has recently worked as a consultant to a local company researching effective pollination alternatives to the honey bee.

Christopher regularly teaches English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning skills to younger students, and advises on applications to British universities.

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