Becky Simpson

Director of Studies, Becky Simpson

Becky Simpson is the Director of Studies for Greene’s Tutorial College, in Oxford. Hugely experienced working within a close college community both on the pastoral side and in a number of varied and effective teaching and leadership roles, Becky brings to Greene’s the valued knowledge of an educator skilled in a broad range of effective teaching methodologies.

Becky received an M.A. from the University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall) in English Language and Literature. At University, her particular academic interest was in Post-1920 American Literature: Fitzgerald, Williams, Miller, Salinger, The Beats. In addition to this, she has pursued an interest in Modern Art History (Impressionists to Pop Art) – having completed a course with the University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education in Western Architecture of the Modern Era (specialising in Gaudi’s Casa Mila and Mies avn de Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion).

Having left university, Becky was appointed as English teacher at Bryanston School, Dorset, and as a Personal Tutor, responsible for the welfare of a number of pupils at the school. She later became a Housemistress at the school, overseeing the welfare of 60-70 girls in a boarding house with careful monitoring of their social, academic and emotional wellbeing. This role required close communication with parents, guardians and colleagues, and managing a team of colleagues allocated to pastoral care in the boarding house. In 2011 she then became Head of English, managing eight teachers of English, and creating a development strategy for the improvement of results, supervising the creation of schemes of work and the production and dissemination of resources.

Becky is a dedicated tutor, highly qualified in English language and literature at GCSE level and A level. Because of her considerable experience in schools, and her enthusiasm about the specific targeting of strengths and weaknesses through one-to-one tutoring, she is uniquely positioned to help students make the transition between classroom learning and the tutorial method of education at Greene’s.

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