Tutor Facts

We look for a range of qualities in our selection of tutors:

  • Experience of the tutorial method
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to understand and deal sympathetically with different learning processes
  • Ability to meet examination criteria

Statistics about Greene’s Tutors
Each year, we accept approximately 200 tutor applications, with the following results:

–  200 tutors apply to teach for us

–  15% of applicants (or about 30 tutors) are placed on our ‘approved’ tutors’ list

–  93 different subjects and levels are on the profiles of approved tutors

–  28% of tutors have a first degree from overseas

–  69% of tutors have a first degree from a British university

–  45% of tutors have a first degree from the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge

–  40% of tutors are studying for a secondary degree or doctorate at Oxford

–  85% offer online tuition in addition to face-to-face tuition


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