Why Greene’s?

Choosing the right academic institution can be difficult. So why choose Greene’s?


We are regularly inspected by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI). ISI is a Government-approved inspectorate that carries out Educational Oversight inspections. Regular inspections and publicly available reports means that we are monitored and subject to external scrutiny.


We have been established for 50 years and Greene’s is the oldest college of its type in Oxford.


An academic programme at Greene’s is individual.


All programmes at Greene’s are flexible and designed with the needs of each student in mind.


Inter-personal skills of critical thinking, teamwork, information analysis, effective oral & written communication, creativity and initiative are taught alongside all our academic programmes.


Tutors are chosen carefully. They are highly qualified in their field; they are extensively interviewed with references taken, and are required to attend our tutor-training programme. We choose tutors who know how to communicate effectively and who care about education.


Education using the tutorial method is core to our philosophy and methodology. It offers a number of advantages: a wide choice of options, the practical flexibility of time and place, the control of working pace, a focus on essential information with the opportunity of depth of study. It encourages participation and builds the confidence to ask questions and broaden ideas, developing independence and initiative.

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