Benefits of the Mathematics Workshops

Mathematics Workshops are an opportunity for you to practice a number of core mathematical skills with the additional support of Greene’s tutors where needed.  Daily practice is an important element in making progress with your Mathematics – using the Greene’s workshops you will grow in your mathematics skills in the following ways:

  • Accuracy: many students can find that they struggle to eliminate small mistakes when learning Mathematics.  Regular, focused practice of fundamental mathematical skills and concepts can help avoid these errors that are often the result of rushing and feeling intimidated by unfamiliar questions.  Our course will help improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Depth: with our course you have the chance to take a second look at a topic that you find difficult.  As you progress we will also make available more challenging tasks on various topics to consolidate your understanding.
  • Examinations practice: you can use the workshops to practice examinations papers and have them professionally marked at the time.  This ensures that you develop sound examination strategies and techniques as well as giving you a realistic assessment of your performance.


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