Open Seminar

Greene’s is offering an Open Seminar on selected topics to help inform parents, students, and school advisers on the process of applying to American universities.

U.S. students will be largely familiar with the application process, so the emphasis at the information sessions held at U.S. high schools tends to be more on university choice, where individual universities and colleges can explain the attractions of their own institution.

However, for U.K. students mostly acquainted with the centralised UCAS system, and with only five university choices allowed in one year (with some exceptions), applying to the States can seem daunting.

There are some 4,000 U.S. universities from which to choose (compared with the U.K.’s 300 or so) and the style and tone of the Personal Statement, references and essay supplements are very different to those required in the U.K.  In addition, it is likely that most universities will require you to take further standardised tests e.g. SAT I (the Reasoning Test) and SAT IIs (subject tests) in addition to your GCSEs or A levels.

Our Open Seminar tackles all these areas, offering advice on where to go for help and suggestions on how students might best plan a course of study to meet their objectives.

After the formal presentation (which lasts for about 30 minutes), there is a question and answer session (of about 30 minutes) to give the opportunity to ask our experts about any general area of the application process.

Our Open Seminar is free to everyone.  However places are limited for both days, so to reserve a place at the seminar, please complete the form below.

Registration for the June Open Seminars has now closed. Please join us in the autumn for our next Open Seminar.