Privacy Policy

Statement of Policy

Greene’s is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information provided by those who access our website and use our services. We uphold the relevant data protection principles and process all personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Greene’s needs to collect and use information about past, current and prospective students and their parents and tutors and others with whom it works in order to operate and carry out its functions.  In addition Greene’s may be required by to collect and use information in order to comply with its statutory legal, professional and other obligations – such, for example, as relates to the retention examination data.

Collection of Personal Information

To gain the full benefits of our services, and to allow us to respond to queries and requests, we need to collect and process a limited amount of personal information. You may be asked to complete an online form which requests the personal information that we need to deliver the service(s) you are requesting.  We undertake not to knowingly request any personal information that is not needed for effective delivery of the service(s) you are requesting.

Processing and disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information we collect is used solely to provide our services to you, to keep records of who uses our services, and so that we can contact you.

Greene’s will not disclose your personal data to any other person or organisation unless we are legally obliged to do so or you have provided your permission. We will not pass on any personal information to third parties for commercial gain.

We need to keep archived records of academic attendance and results as we are often asked to verify attendance and examination results for employers, universities and other higher education institutions.  We may also use these archived records to contact you from time-to-time as a Greene’s alumni.  These records are kept securely.

Right of access to personal information

If you do not already have access, you have the right to gain access to your own personal information within 40 days of making such a request to Greene’s.  Within this context you may have the right to prevent processing of your personal information in certain circumstances; and the right to correct, rectify, block or erase any part of your personal information that is wrong.


We do not use cookies on this website or Greene’s Online.  We do not store any software or information on computers that are used to access either our website or Greene’s Online.


If you have any concerns about the use of personal data on this site then please e-mail