Robotics short-course with English language (spring 2019)

Robotics is becoming a trillion dollar industry with huge implications for society. Our Robotics with English language course in Oxford is for you if you want a hands-on introduction to Robotics, want to build your own robot, and you wish to further your English language skills.

The Greene’s course explores a wide range of Robotics topics.  With outstanding tutors, you will grow to understand how Robotics overlaps with electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology and bioengineering.

You will experience practical Robotics by building your own robot, and learn to appreciate the relevance of Robotics in today’s world.  All this will be combined with the chance to improve your English language oral skills, and to practice writing technical English.


Monday 1st to Friday 19th April, 2019

Benefits of the course

− Explore a wide range of Robotics topics with outstanding tutors
− Experience practical Robotics
− Understand the relevance of Robotics in today’s world
− Improve your English language oral skills
− Practice writing technical and academic English

Course application and guidelines

For this course you need to:

− Complete and submit the online application
− Have an interest in engineering, computer science and new technology
− Want to improve your English but are also able to participate in English
− Most likely be at least 14 years old


− £1,950 per week per student (excluding accommodation); and £3,300 per week with accommodation.
− Please note that travel costs to and from Oxford and personal insurance are not included in the course fee.


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Meet some of our tutors ...

Jenny – Classics & Classical Civilisation

Jenny has postgraduate qualifications from both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.  From Oxford Jenny was awarded her Masters degree in Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek) and from Cambridge a post-graduate teaching qualification.  Jenny has almost 30 years of experience teaching Latin and Ancient Greek in range of top schools in the U.K.