SAT Preparation

The U.S. SAT Reasoning Test is an examination that is required by 80% of higher education institutions in the United States.  As for any examination, preparation is highly prudent for students planning to sit the SAT.

The examination itself is structured very differently from U.K. school examinations and U.K. students should be aware that American students often begin preparing for the SAT three years in advance.  Greene’s offers preparation for the SAT through individual tuition with our trained SAT tutors or through the Greene’s 16-hour preparation course  which focuses on the neccessary strategies and techniques needed for the SAT. To determine whether individual tuition or the 16-hour course would be most beneficial to you, we recommend you sit a  diagnostic SAT examination.  We can then suggest the best way for you to prepare for the SAT. To arrange to sit a diagnostic SAT test, please e-mail contact us.

How we can help

Greene’s helps students prepare through our 16-hour SAT preparation course, offered both in Oxford and at independent schools around the country. Learn more about what we offer below:

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