Benefit from a Greene’s scholarship for study in Oxford and Lisbon (Estoril) of up to 100% of total course fee paid for.

Greene’s offers a limited number of scholarships for A level study and the Geoscience Diploma.  Each application is considered on its own merit and our scholarships are designed to provide a Greene’s education to students who are able to demonstrate enthusiasm, academic potential and a genuine need for financial support.

In evaluating scholarship applications we are most interested in you as a person and will take a broad approach to considering your application.  We are very interested in your achievements to date – both academic and non-academic; both at school and outside school.  We will take into account your academic performance, but also your extra-curricula interests and achievements and how you present yourself as a student looking to benefit from a Greene’s education.

In your application, you may wish to highlight your sporting achievements – looking to Greene’s as a flexible study environment where you can continue to excel at your chosen sport.  You may have a passion for art or computer programming – looking for more creative guidance and stimulation from Greene’s to pursue your passion.  You may be looking for academic excellence – aiming for a place at one of the world’s top universities.  Whatever, it might be – we are interested.

The amount of a scholarship award is from 30% up to 100% of the total course fee as published on our website.  For A levels – this is limited to a choice of three of the core A level subjects listed.






About you: Personal statement

As part of your application we ask you to write a personal statement of no more than 4000 characters – usually about one sheet of A4 paper – describing:

  • your reasons for applying – write about which aspects of studying at Greene’s you find most appealing.  Show that you are ready for the demands of your chosen course by demonstrating your ability to study independently, and your passion, knowledge and experience.
  • your interests and goals – discuss your academic and non-academic interests, university, career and life goals.  Consider your short-term aims and long-term ambitions, relating the two.
  • your preparation – address how you feel your academic and extra-curricula achievements to date have prepared you for successful study at Greene’s – bearing in mind the need for independent study to prepare for tutorials.
  • your skillset – you should highlight relevant skills and knowledge that will enable you to make an impact, summarising your abilities in core areas including IT, numeracy, organisation, communication, time management, critical thinking and working in groups. You can also cover any grades, awards, extra readings or writings that you have earned or completed.
  • anything else – that you would like to tell us about your interests and passions which would demonstrate your contribution as a student at Greene’s.

You will need to submit your personal statement with your online application.  We suggest that you complete this separately and before completing the online application so that it is ready to upload.

If you think it could help your application, please also send us copies of any significant work that you have produced – either individually or as part of a group.  This could be a school project, a piece of research or long essay.






Application process and timing

After you have completed and submitted your scholarship application we will contact you to arrange an interview.  Before doing so we may need to ask you for additional information and/or clarification of the information in your application.

If there are parts of the application that you are not sure about or about which you would like some advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application process:
1.    Completion of online application and personal statement
2.    Evaluation of your application
3.    Interview – face-to-face or online (may also include short written or oral tests)
4.    Consideration by Greene’s – including taking up references from your previous school
5.    Decision by Greene’s

1.    Deadline for applications is 30th April 2017
2.    Decision by Greene’s will be given by 31st May 2017










… for though a child have all the gifts of nature at wish, and perfection of memory at will, yet if he have not a special love to learning, he shall never attain to much learning.

Roger Ascham , (1515-1568), writer, scholar and tutor to the future Elizabeth I

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