Benefits of Study Skills

Effective learning requires strong study skills.  Our Study Skills course will help you improve your organization and independent learning skills – in turn helping you to get the most out your individual tuition.  Enrolling in the Study Skills course may also mean that you need less, rather than more, tuition.  The benefits are:

  • Understand your learning method: Everyone learns in a different way, which is why our course begins with a diagnostic test to assess how you best learn and therefore how you can develop your strengths and address your weaknesses.
  • Building focus: Memory, concentration, and motivation are crucial components to success in education and beyond.  Our seminars present ways to cultivate these skills and apply them as practical studying tactics.
  • Knowledge retention: Many students struggle to incorporate what they learn day to day into the bigger picture of knowledge that they will need in their examinations.  Our seminars on reading, analysis, note-taking, and revision give students the skills to retain and apply knowledge across their subjects.
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