Retaking A levels

“Thank you so much for everything you did for Harry and his retakes. We are beyond thrilled with his results – going from a U in his ECON 4 for an A is remarkable. He has got his place at Exeter which could not have been achieved without your brilliant tutors.”

(from the parent of a student at Greene’s, August 2017)

At Greene’s you can retake your A level qualifications to improve your grades

Your retake course is designed to fit your specific needs and tuition is always individual or in groups of two or three depending on the circumstances of your A level retake programme and your academic objectives.

By retaking your A levels you are showing an additional level of commitment and maturity towards your academic studies. Every year students complete A level retake courses at Greene’s and gain academic depth and performance that they did not think possible a few months previously. Most importantly by retaking your A levels we will help you be well prepared to succeed at university and in the workplace.

Fees for retaking A levels

Every A level retake course is different – the number of weeks of study and the number of subjects studied will vary from person to person. Whilst our fees page shows indicative fees for an A level retake course please contact us for a quotation for a course that is suitable for your specific requirements.

Each retake programme includes:

  • Initial academic assessments and study plans;
  • Three individual tutorials per week over three subjects;
  • Subject-related seminars and workshops (where appropriate);
  • Personal tutor support and guidance, including a formal weekly meeting;
  • Leadership programme;
  • Trial examinations four time per year;
  • University application advice and careers guidance;
  • Use of the Greene’s reading room for study and the student common room; and
  • Greene’s Online for your timetable and feedback on your progress, accessible to students and parents.

Have you thought about studying online?

Don’t want to travel into Oxford everyday? Having to juggle study with working? Need flexible tuition arrangements? These are issues we come across all the time and for which having at least part of your A level retake course online can be the solution.

A level retake courses can also be taken completely or partially online. Please ask us for more details.

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