Re-applying to university

When re-applying to university, you will need to have a new approach to completing your application.

Whilst retaking your A levels we will actively guide you through re-submitting your university application. It may not always be appropriate to apply to the same universities and courses; and elements of your application will almost certainly need to be rewritten.

You may need another visit to your chosen university departments, knowing what questions to ask, and to strengthen your application with a greater knowledge of the course you are applying for – as well as to make an accurate appraisal of the university’s attitude towards A level retakes.

We will put together your academic reference and advise you regarding your university choices – perhaps some that you may not have considered previously. It is always important to obtain a realistic range of universities and courses to which to apply so that offers received can be met.

Where the course for which you are applying has additional requirements – such as an interview or an entrance test – we will ensure that the appropriate tuition is arranged to support you.

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