Why retake A levels?

A huge thank you for all the confidence boosting I needed to give me the ammunition to resit my pretty dreadful AS levels and then to sit my A2s . With a lot of hard work and using the techniques you helped me to learn I achieved the grades to get in to Cardiff University, my first choice.
My time at Greenes was enjoyable and friendly and I would unreservedly recommend your college to any anxious student.

Deciding whether or not to retake A levels may not be straight forward. We will help you take a fresh look at your A levels, your university choices, indeed your whole approach to study; and your Personal Tutor will guide you along the chosen path.

You may wish to retake your A levels for entry to your first choice university and course, instead of accepting a place on a course offering lower grade entry requirements. A level retakes may be the best choice if you feel that you didn’t work as hard as you could have done during your initial A level study, or if there were other distractions, such as sporting interests, preventing you from achieving your potential.

A level retakes can also give you stronger foundations and more confidence for doing well at university, since you have more knowledge and understanding of study principles to take with you.

Retaking A levels at Greene’s

Retaking A levels at Greene’s starts with an interview and assessment during which we will be able to advise you on an appropriate retake strategy.

We will analyse the reasons for your previous performance and will put forward a programme of study to improve both your subject knowledge and your study skills. We will spend time with you to co-ordinate your university application and you will have a Personal Tutor to discuss both the progress of your studies and you university application on a regular basis. We will decide with you, and your previous school or college, who will be responsible for the different elements of your university application, and ensure that we liaise with the appropriate person, and provide the support and advice that you require.

A typical A level retake day at Greene’s consists of a mix of tutorials and independent study, which may also include some group work as required. You meet with your Personal Tutor formally at least once a week, to review all your tutorial reports and discuss your progress.

Your Personal Tutor will endeavour to make sure that, not only are you learning the academic material, but that you are also developing a thorough knowledge of examination techniques, responding appropriately to examination questions and working at the right pace for the examination.

Tuition (either individual or with one or two others) allows for a specific focus on areas of your work that need the most attention. To gain the most from your tutorials you should aim to complete about three hours of independent study for each hour of tuition.

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