Geoscience admissions criteria

Applicants wishing to join the Greene’s Geoscience Diploma should have a keen interest in earth sciences. Each applicant is treated on their individual merits. Greene’s is keenly aware that applicants come from a wide range of educational backgrounds with different qualifications to match.

As a guide please consider the following…

Scientific understanding: An understanding of biological processes and the chemistry of materials – especially minerals – is a core part of the Diploma. All applicants should have a foundation in Biology and Chemistry to benefit from most of the topics covered on the Geoscience Diploma. Applicants with at least B grades – or equivalent – in Biology and Chemistry according to the UK IGCSE/GCSE qualifications framework will be at an advantage.

A knowledge of earth processes and forms: The Geoscience Diploma is about the earth and students who have previously studied elements of Physical Geography will find many familiar topics that they will explore in greater depth. Students who have enjoyed their study of Physical Geography will almost certainly find their passion with the Greene’s Geoscience Diploma.

Mathematical base: The Geoscience Diploma requires a use of, and proficiency in, mathematical logic and – especially – a proficiency in data handling. Students may find this element of the course quite challenging without the equivalent of at least a B grade in the UK IGCSE/GCSE qualifications framwork.

English language profficiency: The Geoscience Diploma is taught in English and requires a minimum level of English proficiency equivalent to level 5.0/5.5 of the IELTS language test framework.

Applicants who have not yet achieved an IELTS English language level of 7.0 will need to take one or more of the Greene’s English language courses together with their Geoscience Diploma studies.

Students who feel they are not ready for the Geoscience Diploma should consider the Greene’s Foundation course as a first step.