University preparation for students at Greene’s

Greene’s provides advice for university entrance in many different countries.  A university application involves several elements:

  • Course selection

  • University choice

  • Personal Statement/Essay

  • Application form completion

  • Academic reference

  • Language tests

  • Entrance & aptitude tests

  • Interview practice

  • Reapplying to university

Many students coming to study at Greene’s are looking to progress to higher education – either a university or vocational college.  Our higher education & careers programme ensures that they are carefully guided and supported through the application process.  In addition to individual support from senior staff and their Personal Tutor each student attends 10-20 hours of university & careers advice seminars.

Each university application will be different and needs careful thought and preparation.  The individual nature of the academic programmes at Greene’s means that specific support is provided for an almost infinite number of university applications and choices.

Over the summer break – after their first year – students are expected to complete most of the additional work that is needed for their application.  For example – Students applying to U.K. universities will need to complete a Personal Statement to support their UCAS application; students preparing to study in the U.S. will need to have prepared for, and taken, the SAT or ACT aptitude tests; students interested in a career in medicine will have additional tests to complete; students wishing to apply to top universities will need to demonstrate wider reading and research capability by completing an independent research project; and so on …  Other aptitude tests may also need to be taken depending on the subject and university.

By completing all the preparatory work for their university application over the summer break students are then ready to concentrate on their studies when they return in September and to obtain the grades they require.

University Aptitude Tests: There are particular courses and universities where students will need to complete aptitude tests as part of the admissions requirements.  These are typically for top-ranked universities and/or to study medicine or veterinary science or law.

For example, entrance for most degree courses at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge in the U.K. requires high scores in aptitude tests.  Students wishing to apply to Ivy League universities in the United States may well  need to complete SAT II subject tests in addition to the SAT or ACT tests.  In the U.K. and Australia, students wishing to study medicine will need to take clinical and/or medical aptitude tests.

In most cases, students follow individual short courses to prepare for university aptitude tests, which can be taught face-to-face or online.  Where a significant number of students are interested in studying towards a particular test or there are general application requirements that can be covered in groups these are done collectively – typically this involves completing the UCAS application process for entry to U.K. universities or preparing for the SAT or ACT tests needed for entry to U.S. universities.

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