Our university preparation programmes

U.K. aptitude test preparation

We offer courses for all current aptitude tests required for U.K. universities including the UCAT, BMAT, TSA, MAT, PAT, GAT, HAT, ELAT, NSAA, AHAA, GAA, ECAA, ENGAA, MTUA, and others.

Each group course is available as a full-day (6 or 7 hours) programme or as two half days (e.g. 3½ hours each).  Each course focuses on a revision of the key concepts of the core syllabus and strategies for improving scores, which are put into practice by participants, using a selection of sample questions.

You can find out more about our aptitude test preparation programmes here and a helpful list of which Oxford and Cambridge course requires what aptitude test here.

Physics, Natural Sciences & Engineering bridging course

This is a specially designed course, specifically aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of core material for their aptitude test, covering material that is not included in the relevant Baccalauréat Spécialités.

The course is designed for students planning to take the PAT, ENGAA and NSAA (Physics and Advanced Mathematics & Physics). This special Physics, Natural Sciences and Engineering bridging course is a full five-day course, split into four half-day sessions and concluding with three full days.

More information on the Greene’s – ASIBA bridging course can be found here.

Advanced preparation programme

This programme is developed in conjunction with Greene’s most experienced admissions’ tutors, and offers the best possible preparation for an outstanding Personal Statement and a strong performance at interview. Each course on this programme is individually designed for each student or group of students (maximum four to a group). The course aims to introduce students to studying their chosen subject at a higher level. Students are paired with a Greene’s mentor, usually an active researcher in the appropriate field, who will guide them via tutorials, investigations and additional reading, to a deeper understanding of some of the topics that they have already studied in their school syllabus, and an introduction to new, more advanced, undergraduate-style topics. Not only does this provide excellent preparation for students’ applications but also it enables them to see if the reality of their chosen subject at university is what they imagine it to be.

Interview practice session

There is a 40-minute interview session, comprising approximately a 30-minute interview with 10 minutes of oral feedback, with one of Greene’s highly experienced interviewers.  This is followed by a more detailed written report, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement, as well as suggestions for additional reading.

You can find out more information about our interview practice sessions here.

U.S. aptitude test preparation

We offer preparation courses for both the SAT and the ACT. Our courses have been designed to the international curricula and ensure participants have mastery of the core syllabus and a good understanding of the tips and techniques that they can use to enhance their scores. Each group course is 16 hours, covering all aspects of the appropriate test, although in addition, there is a pre- and post course test. Individual courses are typically 12 hours in length.

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